Polar Circle
A Discussion List Devoted to the North Polar Regions
Polar Circle is hosted by eGroups
1.  Be sure to make a note of  your login name and password. You will need these to access features of the Polar Circle homepage at eGroups. You will receive the URL of this page when you register.
2.  Once you are registered with eGroups, posting to the list is easy. Simply send an e-mail message to polarcircle@egroups.com and your message will be transmitted automatically to all list subscribers. In turn, you will receive e-mail copies of all messages posted by other list subscribers. Please feel free to use the list to ask--and answer--questions, share information and ideas, learn from the "experts" and help the newcomers, and in general to  communicate with others worldwide who share your interests and enthusiasm.
3.  The e-mail address of the sender appears in the "FROM" portion of a message (sometimes list subscribers include their e-mail addresses in the body of a message as well). Be sure to use this address if you wish to correspond individually with a list subscriber. Please keep in mind that if you use the "REPLY" function of your e-mail program, the message will be transmitted to ALL list subscribers rather than to the individual sender.
4.  Polar Circle e-mail supports hyperlinks, such as URLs of websites, but does not support attachments. If you send an attachment, it will be removed automatically and the message will contain the following notation: "non-text portions of this message have been removed." This is primarily because of the danger of inadvertently transmitting viruses via e-mail attachments and because of possible long download times for attachments that might not be of interest to all list subscribers.
5.  Instead, list subscribers are encouraged to use the "FILES" portion of the Polar Circle homepage at eGroups to upload photos, maps, and other documents. If you use this feature, it is a good idea to send a brief message to list subscribers with the name of the file for easy access. To view files, follow the same procedure by going to "FILES," then click on the file name. If you wish to download an image, such as a photo or map, simply right-click on the image and click on "save picture as..." Please keep this copying capability in mind and do not upload images that are copyright-protected. Unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that images uploaded to the FILES section are in the public domain.
6.  Other features of the Polar Circle homepage at eGroups include a message archive with search capability, a links section, and a calendar. All list subscribers have free access to all of these features. If you wish to change your e-mail address, or to select the "No Mail" option if you will be away for a while, or to unsubscribe, click on "MODIFY" to the right of the page under membership. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe by sending a blank e-mail to polarcircle-unsubscribe@e-groups.com and confirm by replying to the message you receive.
1.  No off-topic postings. Postings must be polar-related.
2.  Absolutely no spam or any other use of the list for unsolicited e-mail. Please note that the term "spam" is not limited to commercial use or advertising; it refers to any form of irrelevant, unwanted and/or unsolicited mail.
3.  No overtly commercial postings. "Overtly commercial" generally means    
advertising or offering a product or service for profit. However, general  information of interest to list subscribers, particularly in response to a query, such as where and how to obtain books, posters, maps, or other polar-related items, certainly is permissible. If in doubt, contact the list moderator first before posting. Please note, however, that inclusion of an e-mail "signature" containing such information as the URL for a business-related website is not considered to be overtly  commercial. Many people have such signatures as a default setting on their e-mail programs.
4.  Please, English language only. Due to formatting restrictions, this reflects an eGroups requirement that all postings must be in the same language.
BULLETIN BOARD: also called a message board; an internet site, frequently one that is password-protected, to which members can post messages. POLAR CIRCLE is not a bulletin board.
DISCUSSION LIST: also called a mailing list; an e-mail mailing list to which subscribers can post messages that are transmitted automatically to all other list subscribers. The advantage of a mailing list over a bulletin board is that messages are delivered via e-mail to the subscribers' Inboxes as they appear. This does away with the necessity to check a bulletin board frequently to see if there are new messages.
OFF-TOPIC POSTING: any posting that is not polar-related and that would not, generally, be of interest to list subscribers.
OPEN: means that there are no restrictions or limitations on subscribing. The only requirement for subscribing to POLAR CIRCLE is that you complete a very brief registration process with eGroups, sponsors of the list. New-comers and "old hands" alike are welcome.
OVERTLY COMMERCIAL POSTING: use of the list for advertising, or offering a product or service for profit. Exceptions to the restriction on commercial postings are:
(a) General information of interest to list subscribers, frequently in response to a query, such as where and how to obtain books, maps, and other polar-related items.
(b) Inclusion of an e-mail "signature" that contains the URL of a business-related website.
If in doubt, contact the list moderator first before posting.
SPAM: any form of irrelevant, unwanted, and/or unsolicited e-mail. The term is not limited to commercial use, or what is generally considered "advertising."
UNMODERATED: means that prior approval is not required before posting a message to the list. It does not mean, however, that there are no guidelines that list subscribers are expected to follow.